Mobile apps

Directly simulate your chosen colors on the walls of your home.

Mobile apps

Our iOS and Android apps are the most powerful for quickly simulating new colors on the walls of your home, your bedroom, kitchen, etc ...

With some of our apps, it is even possible to simulate effects of laminate floors, carpets, brick walls, etc ...

Once your simulation finished you can share it by email to a friend, customer, etc ... He can in two clicks import your project in his smartphone or tablet to give you his opinion.

You are comforted in your choice of color before applying it on your walls. It is no longer necessary to produce 10 samples of one square meter to project yourself in your color choices. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Our apps are compatible with our COLORCATCH NANO. By connecting the device to our apps, you can in one click measure / search for the closest color in a selected color card. It is also possible to measure the exact ​​L*a*b*, sRGB, and CMYK values. In one click, the color you measure with the NANO will be applied to the wall of the house you pre-painted. Your customers will never forget this magic moment.

We have so far developed more than 40 iOS and Android apps for paint manufacturers around the world.

By clicking on the App Store or Google Play Store icons below you will immediately see the list of these applications. Please note that not all applications we have developed are necessarily active in your country.


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