1) What is the autonomy of COLORCATCH NANO (battery charge)?

Like all smartphones, the NANO has a rechargeable battery offering an autonomy of up to 6 hours and a stand-by mode of about 300 days. To recharge (max. 6 hours) the NANO must be connected to a USB plug using the appropriate cable. When the NANO is connected to the USB plug a control light around the cable plug of the NANO will light up red and change to green when the recharging is completed.

2) What is the shutter for on COLORCATCH NANO?

The shutter will open or close by twisting the upper part of the housing against the lower one. The shutter has two functions:

  1. It protects the inside optical system from any dust when the system is not in use.
  2. When closed, the internal calibration card is exposed to the optical system.

Important: The shutter should be closed when the NANO is not in use.

3) Where can I check the NANO battery charge level?

The current battery charge is displayed in the app under the video picture on the right.

4) How to obtain an App for the NANO?

Here is the link for Android:
Here" class="redactor-autoparser-object">https://play.google.com/store/... is the link for iOS: http://appstore.com/apps/colorixsa

5) How does NANO measure colors?

NANO reads and measures 50'000 pixels separately. During the reading process, it automatically eliminates all non-dominant colors such as shade effects and dirty surfaces. NANO measures zones from 0.36 to 8 mm and automatically extracts up to 5 dominant colors. The surface is illuminated by 9 x LED D65 (day light), which is captured by a camera with 224 x 224 pixels. Measuring geometry is 45°/0°.

6) How accurate are the colors displayed on my Smartphone?

All smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) are industrially manufactured in series. The screen calibration is adjusted by the manufacturer. The colors displayed on screens are not the same as shown in a printed color reference books.

7) Why is NANO a cable connected device?

NANO instantly films and measures 50'000 pixels. A Bluetooth connection could not transfer this amount of data.

8) What stands the serial no. and password supplied with each NANO stand for?

Via www.colorix.com/update you have the possibility to acquire additional color series. These can be automatically downloaded into our iOS and Android Colorix.com Pro

9) Can NANO measure the color of foam and flexible surfaces?

Colors of materials such as textiles, leather, carpets, PVC etc. can be measured.

10) Can NANO measure color on a curved surface?

The small shutter opening allows the user to measure the color of a curved surface as long as the center part is not more elevated than +/- 1 mm. Any external light must be avoided.

11) Can NANO measure the color of a powder or a liquid?

The NANO must not be brought into direct contact with the powder or liquid in order to avoid contamination of the device and the optical part. NANO provides the user with an optical depth of 1.9 mm allowing to place a protection plate or film of 0.3 mm thickness between the powder / liquid and the NANO.

12) Are COLORCATCH NANO measures consistent with international standards?
The NANO uses a revolutionary new technology, which for the moment is not compatible with the current international optical standards.

13) Which software programs are required to use COLORCATCH NANO?

The NANO works with apps and software manufactured by Colorix SA.
On request, Colorix offers custom made software for iOS and Android applications. For further information please contact us.

14) Can I connect my COLORCATCH NANO with my actual software?

NANO drivers and libraries are available on request to facilitate a connection with your existing software.

15) Which are the most important points to check when installing the first app?

- The connecting cable must be first plugged into the NANO and afterwards into the smartphone / tablet, and not the other way around.
- Does your smartphone / tablet have the latest iOS or Android software version?
- Is your NANO connected to a system using a USB-Host?
- Did you press the start button on the NANO long enough to initiate the system?
- Did you select the latest version of the app you wanted to download?
- It is possible that an app can cause a problem. Simply close the app and start it again.