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« Pro » App for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and Android allows to instantly apply NCS®© or RAL colours directly to a picture (building, wall, dress, object etc.) taken by your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this App it’s all done in less than 2 minutes and in only 3 steps:

Step 1

Take a picture with your smartphone or tablet (building, room, etc.).

Step 2

Select NCS®© or RAL colour references.

Step 3

Apply the selected colours to the picture on your smartphone or tablet. In less than 2 minutes you have modified your image using new colours, ready to present it to your customer, send it as e-mail to your office, order the paint or change it once again to look different.

« Pro » App contains all NCS®© and RAL Classic colour references as well corresponding L*a*b*, sRGB, CMYK and LRV values.

The owners of COLORCATCH 3 oder COLORCATCH NANO can download other color cards in the « Pro » App.

With COLORCATCH and « Pro » App you always have the true colour at your fingertips.

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Before - With Pro App - Today

Colorix_House_01_Before   Colorix_House_01_with_App   Colorix_House_01_Today

Gallery of projects realized with the Pro App:

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Heidi_01a   Heidi_01b   Heidi_01c   Heidi_01d

House_02a   House_02b   House_02c   House_02d


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iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registred in the U.S. and other countries.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

NCS – Natural Colour System®© is the only colour system that describes colours exactly as we see them, which is why it is easy to understand, logical and simple to use. Any of the millions of colours that exist can be defined within the NCS System and given a precise notation. The commercial use of NCS®© requires a licence agreement with NCS Colour AB. Please visit for further information.

RAL is a registered trade mark of RAL gGmbH. The presentation of the RAL CLASSIC colours is based on a licence granted by RAL gGmbH. Please visit for further information.

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