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Icon App CAL Select  CAL Select, first universal, digital color specifier for adhesive films

« CAL Select » for the first time includes leading brands of self-adhesive films. The exclusive software, especially developed for decorators, sign makers, stand builders etc. allows to instantly selected a color.

Selected colors (except metallics) including their reference numbers and RGB value are instantly displayed on screen (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android devices).

Thanks to the exclusive Colorix software original adhesive film colors can instantly be applied (text inscription, car, logo etc.). to any picture taken by an iPhone or iPad.

« CAL Select » saves the professional and his clients considerable time when surching for the right color and instantly shows the selected color on the object. No longer surching in several color Swatch books!

« CAL Select » instantly finds the right color and even shows on demand all similar colors of other series. Additional color specifiers such as NCS and RAL may be downloaded into the App.

What’s more, « CAL Select » App can also work with the COLORCATCH NANO!

With COLORCATCH NANO and « CAL Select » App you always have the true colour at your fingertips.

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