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The production industry constantly requires accurate custom-made color references for machines and parts to be supplied or assembled using components from different suppliers, or produced on another product line or by a subsidiary. The color of coffee capsule for instance indicates the kind of coffee in the capsule and stands for the name of the coffee constantly used by the trade and the consumer. In the automated production and packaging of coffee capsules, mistakes in the color of capsules would be disastrous because the consumer would soon doubt the quality of the product.

Another example are products that are produced by injection molding. For instance the manufacturer of bracelets for wristwatches must guarantee his customer that every new production run of a particular item is identical with the previous production and the original. If it’s not the case, the customer will refuse the acceptance of items which must then be re-manufactured causing enormous economic loss.

To date, quality control is mostly done by using standard light cabins simulating daylight and comparing samples by eyesight. Such quality control by human eyesight is not reliable and does not guarantee the detection of small color deviations. Therefore many manufacturers are using spectrophotometers. These devices are expensive, between € 4'500.- and € 20'000.- and are sometimes complicated to use. Their dimensions do not allow to be mobile and to measure very small surfaces.

In order to meet a strong demand from manufacturers for a quick, simple and inexpensive color control solution, Colorix SA has therefore developed this special iOS app called «Color Quality Control». This App with COLORCATCH NANO allows to make Color Quality Control on printed images or colored materials such as paper, carton, textile, plastics, metal, liquids, cosmetic products etc...

COLORCATCH NANO measure areas from 3.7 x 3.7 mm to 0.3 x 0.3 mm. The App displays the CMYK, Lab, Lch and sRGB values as well as the deviations for each of these values. Thanks to this the set tolerance can be check within one click.

The tutorial video above shows the simplicity of use and the unique benefits when using Color Quality Control iOS App.

This App is not free, please contact us to get an offer.

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