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COLORIX is a Swiss company which since 2003 is active in research, development and manufacture of software and colorimeters. Internationally recognized for its exclusive apps and practical pocket size colorimeters, COLORIX received in 2011 one of the most desired Swiss industrial awards for innovation. COLORIX apps and colorimeters are internationally used in many applications and fields i.e. architecture, paint- and varnish industry, quality control etc.

Thanks to its profound experience in color measuring, COLORIX represents « The State of the Art in Digital Color Communication ». COLORIX products - software and hardware - are compatible with the latest technology of smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android systems).


Measure – Apply – Communicate

To measure, apply and digitally communicate color has been the domain of COLORIX from a start.

If it is important to measure color correctly, it is equally as vital today to be able to digitally communicate the visual result. COLORIX has chosen to master this technology and offers clients involved in color communication innovative solutions.

COLORIX means precision in color measurement

COLORCATCH 3 is the first colorimeter with a Bluetooth® function. Thanks to this, COLORCATCH 3 measures a color, selects and transfers the nearest color out of a color card on to a smartphone or tablet (Apple and Android systems). The unique COLORIX software allows to instantly apply a color to a picture (building, wall, garment, object etc.) taken with a smart phone or tablet.

COLORIX means digital color communication

Extensive, practical experience and continuous research enable COLORIX to offer tailor-made industrial solutions. Your color assortments could also be a part of a professional digital color communication device tomorrow. Thus, will save you and your customers lots of time and money.

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